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The power of partnering with local specialist schools

Cross-sector partnership projects that seek to address a specific social issue or gap in provision can have transformative outcomes for all. Head at King’s High School Warwick, Stephen Burley, discusses the positive partnerships the school has with their local specialist school, and how they are looking to create a national network of schools to provide life-changing experiences through the school holidays.

“The strength and depth of the partnership work between independent and state sectors is incredibly impressive. At this year’s launch of the ISC’s Celebrating Partnerships Report at the House of Lords, it was a huge privilege to talk to colleagues about the impact of mutually-beneficial partnership initiatives which stood out with such clear vision, shared goals and powerful outcomes.

The sheer range of the types of partnership work is remarkable: some schools work together on academic partnerships, either inspiring more able students or those who need additional support, or on specific areas such as STEM or language learning, whilst others focus on the creative and performing arts, university and careers preparation, or areas such as sport, mental health and teacher development…”

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