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Co-education milestone

For the first time in its almost 500-year history, Westminster and Westminster Under School, London, have announced that as of 2026 they will be going co-educational with the introduction of girls into all years, and a new pre-prep. But what has been the drive for this move? Head of Westminster School, Dr Gary Savage, explains and takes a look at what has been involved in prepping for this next step.

“As a historian by training and teaching, I naturally love the past; and I get probably more than my fair share of it here at Westminster — an ancient school with deep links to the history of London and the nation. Thanks to our neighbours in the Abbey, Parliament, Supreme Court, South Bank and West End, it is a richly stimulating and inspiring place to live and learn. It is indeed a privilege.

Leading a historic school, largely within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can foster a sense of caution when contemplating major change. It is human nature to think that to venture ‘change’ is to risk ‘breaking’, and to conclude that it might be better sticking with the none-too-shabby status quo…”

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