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Obstacles to adding VAT to fees

Education and skills thinktank, EDSK assessed some of the issues that could complicate efforts to add VAT on to fees. EDSK Founder and Director, Tom Richmond, outlines some of the findings of their research.

“In the current education policy landscape, the debate over adding VAT to independent school fees is by far the most high-profile dividing line between Labour and the Conservatives.That said, the question of what would actually happen in practice if Labour won the next election and tried to implement this policy, has received remarkably little attention.

At the beginning of March, EDSK published a new report that outlined the findings from our detailed investigation into the obstacles that a future government may face if it sought to add VAT to independent school fees. Although the report covered a wide range of issues, the main message was simple enough: if anyone thought that adding 20 per cent VAT to school fees would be a straightforward matter then they may need to think again in the not-too-distant future…”

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