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Why students deserve a variety of assessment methods

Deputy Head at The King Alfred School in North London, Alistair McConville, discusses a new research paper, which shines a light on the problems with the current exam-focused assessment framework.

“As exam season rolls around again, the number of voices questioning the dominance of timed, written assessments in schools is growing. And with a General Election looming, whoever forms the next government should see this as an area in which they can make meaningful and immediate changes in the interests of children and young people all over the country.

Schools should be able to make assessment more relevant and inclusive for all students, to better prepare them both for success in higher education, and in the world of work beyond.

This issue was addressed at the recent Next Generation Assessment Conference (event report is on page 20), where there was standing room only for the breakout session about School Directed Courses. The panel discussion saw educators, who do not want to wait for policy reform, look at ways to move away from traditional exam-heavy GCSEs…”

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