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The strategic role of independent school marketers in staff recruitment

Amidst concern of VAT on fees and falling numbers, the critical issue of attracting and retaining the right staff can often get overlooked. Director of Marketing and Admissions at Bootham School in York and AMCIS Board Member, Jenny Dinning, believes addressing this challenge is essential for ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of independent schools and considers how schools can harness the power of their marketing department when recruiting staff.

“Those of us working in the UK independent school sector will be aware how difficult it is becoming to recruit and retain high quality staff. Specialist employment platforms and recruitment companies provide an excellent service by broadcasting your vacancies to the right audiences. But to ensure a return on what can be a hefty investment, your recruitment materials must stand out.

Enter the school marketer.

Traditionally confined to promoting the school’s brand and managing admissions, today’s marketers are stepping into a new arena – staff recruitment. As independent schools across the nation grapple with recruitment challenges, involving marketers in the hiring process can prove to be a strategic advantage for senior leadership teams and HR departments…”

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