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AI in education – preparing for a paradigm shift

‘The biggest threat of AI to education is inaction’. Director of Innovation across the four RGS Worcester Schools (RGSW), John Jones, shares some of the strategies and approaches that they have adopted to help successfully integrate AI into teaching and learning.

“As the Director of Innovation across the four RGS Worcester Schools (RGSW), one of my remits is to ‘stay abreast of technological advancements’. A task that had always been a challenge, suddenly became an entirely different prospect following the release of ChatGPT in December 2022. Overnight, pupils had access to an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that could do their homework, whilst teachers could use it to plan lessons, mark examinations and provide feedback to student assignments. Since then, barely a day goes by without a new AI tool being released or a headline about bias, job security, and the degradation of critical skills such as writing and problem solving.

At RGS Worcester, we believe the biggest threat of AI to education is inaction. Our proactive strategy has been built on continuous professional development (CPD) and fostering AI literacy across all levels – students, staff, and stakeholders. This approach is supported by a robust AI Policy and Acceptable Use Policy, which will ensure that AI tools are used ethically, transparently, and effectively in our classrooms. We are committed not just to using AI, but understanding it before integrating it into teaching and learning…”

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